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Same day pick up, next day return of your pet's cremains

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For Pet Owners

We're So Sorry For Your Loss

At this difficult time, we want to be as transparent and helpful as possible. Please read below for detailed steps about what to do next and what you can expect in saying goodbye to your beloved pet.

1.) Contact Us

Call our office at (941) 504-2386, someone is standing by to answer your call 24/7. We will arrange for pick up of your pet from your home or veterinarian's clinic today. Pets are transported in our private vans directly to our crematory. Or, you may transport your pet to our facility.

Call Us (941) 504-2386

2.) Select Cremation Type

We offer both private and communal cremations. During a private cremation, your pet is placed alone in the chamber and only your pet's cremains are returned to you. For communal cremations, your pet is handled with care and no cremains are returned. Our staff can help you choose the right cremation for your family.

3.) Tracking You Can Trust

All pets are immediately identified with paperwork, a unique barcode system, and a stainless steel tracking tag to to ensure only your pet is returned to your family. This stainless steel tag stays with your pet every step of the way, from reception through cremation. Pets within communal cremations are still tracked but remains are not returned to the family.

4.) Choose an Urn & Keepsakes

We have many options to memorialize your pet from wood, metal, and ceramic urns; view a selection of popular styles at our office. A wood urn comes with every private cremation or choose a custom option from our catalog. Each urn can be engraved with your pet's name. And, keepsakes, like a paw print and jewelry, are also lovely options to remember your pet by.

View Urns & More

5.) Optional Viewing of Cremation

We offer a comforting space for you to view your pet's last moments before cremation. If your prefer, you may see your pet enter the chamber for cremation at our facility.


6.) Next Day Return of Your Pet's Cremains

The day after we receive your pet, we will return your pet's cremains to your home or veterinarian's clinic in the urn you select. We know how important it is to have your pet's cremains back home to honor their memory and so it's our mission to make this time apart as short as possible.